Vascular Access Center

The San Diego Vascular Access Center opened in 2002 to provide focused, expert care in a timely manner to the dialysis community.

For hemodialysis patients, a working dialysis access is necessary to provide blood to the dialysis machine. A poorly functioning dialysis access can result in incomplete dialysis treatments and declining health. It is also a leading cause of hospitalization among dialysis patients.

At the San Diego Vascular Access Center, we are focused specifically on the care of access sites for hemodialysis patients. There are 3 types of dialysis access: catheters, grafts, and fistulas. At the Access Center, we insert and remove dialysis catheters. For fistula and graft procedures, we perform venography, which maps the patient’s vascular system. Using the venography, we then work closely with vascular surgeons to design a plan for creation of a fistula or graft. The information obtained through our procedures is used to determine the best possible access for each patient.

Maintenance of a healthy access is just as important as its creation, so at the Center, we also perform angiograms and angioplasties to prolong the useful life of the access, or thrombectomy to restore function to an access that has clotted.

The San Diego Vascular Access Center is staffed by nephrologists and dialysis nurses who are specialized in the care of dialysis patients and their access sites. Because we are dedicated solely to the care of dialysis patients, we understand and appreciate the importance of providing a service in a timely manner. This efficient service helps our patients maintain an uninterrupted dialysis schedule.

We perform approximately 2000 procedures per year. Since the opening of our Center, we are proud to say that the hospitalization rates for dialysis access problems have dropped dramatically.

The San Diego Vascular Access Center is located at 6402 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego, CA 92115. Our phone number is (619) 582-4490 and our fax number is (619) 582-4737.