The California Institute of Renal Research (CIRR)

Founded in 2000, in cooperation with Balboa Nephrology Medical Group, CIRR has earned an excellent reputation for conducting studies in the specialty areas of CKD (chronic kidney disease), dialysis, vascular access, and renal transplantation.

Since its founding, CIRR has earned an excellent reputation for conducting studies following precise protocol guidelines and GCP (Good Clinical Practice). We are also recognized for our successful enrollment, excellent documentation, secure record retention, well-prepared source documentation, and outstanding results of pharmaceutical audits. Due to its close working relationship with Balboa Nephrology Medical Group Inc., CIRR has access to over 45 nephrologists, a large transplant program, and over 4,000 dialysis patients. This relationship, along with its principal investigators, staff, and research facilities, has made CIRR an established presence throughout San Diego and Imperial Counties.

Our principal investigators work closely with our twenty full- time clinical research staff and our Director of Clinical Research. Since 2000, CIRR has participated in over 150 studies, enhancing its reputation as an outstanding research organization for Phase 1 to Phase 4 studies.

CIRR has become known as a leading research institute and has worked with many internationally known companies, including:
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