Patient Services

Balboa Nephrology Medical Group, Inc. continues to offer advanced kidney care to patients in San Diego, Imperial and Orange county for over forty years. Our comprehensive services include:

Chronic Kidney Disease Treatment and Prevention

Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Care

Home Dialysis

In-Center Hemodialysis

Consultation And Management Of Hypertension

Second Opinions

Nocturnal Dialysis

Research Through California Institute Of Renal Research (CIRR)

Anemia Management

Peripheral Arterial Disease: Medical and Surgical Treatments

Dialysis Access Surgery and Maintenance

Other Services

The San Diego Vascular Access Center opened in 2002 to provide focused, expert care in a timely manner to the dialysis community. At the San Diego Vascular Access Center, we are focused specifically on the care of access sites for hemodialysis patients. Our center is staffed by nephrologists and dialysis nurses who are specialized in the care of dialysis patients and their access sites. Because we are dedicated solely to the care of dialysis patients, we understand and appreciate the importance of providing a service in a timely manner. This efficient service helps our patients maintain an uninterrupted dialysis schedule. Maintenance of a healthy dialysis access is just as important as its creation.

The following procedures are performed at our center:

  • Venography
  • Angiogram
  • Angioplasty
  • Thrombectomy
  • Dialysis Catheter insertion, exchange, removal, and repair

Location: 6402 El Cajon Blvd Suite 102 San Diego, CA 92115
The Vascular Health Clinic (VHC) was founded in 2014 and born out of the need for comprehensive vascular care for our patients with chronic kidney disease. Because patients with kidney disease are at high risk for vascular complications, our Vascular Health Clinic addresses the specific needs of this group of patients. Our team of cardiologists, nephrologists and vascular surgeons treat patients with peripheral arterial disease such as limb ischemia and foot infections. Other vascular needs such as cardiac disease are also addressed by our Vascular Health Clinic. Coupled with our adjacent angiography suite, patients can be followed in clinic and treated for their vascular complications on site.

The Balboa Nephrology Medical Group Kidney Transplant Program is committed to provide our patients with a comprehensive transplant service, which is fully integrated between both medical and surgical care. We are the largest group of nephrologists in southern California and offer the medical leadership to provide excellence in transplant care and research.